I am interested in volunteering my time and skill.
Thank you for your interest in donating your time and skill to Ohio Hands & Voices.

Your sewing skills and abilities can improve communication access for many adults and children who are deaf or hard of hearing across the state of Ohio. These clear masks are essential for our children. Whether they use American Sign Language or spoken language, all children need access to facial expressions for full communication access.

We are trying to determine the interest level of those skilled in sewing across Ohio to determine how many masks and for how long we will be able to create and sell clear accessible masks. There is a high demand for masks from teachers, medical professionals, families, and businesses to support children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Here us our vision:

-One product of different sizes. We will provide the pattern to you and ask that you use this pattern only.
-The current model uses ribbons for adult masks, and 12 inches of 1/4' wide elastic per child mask.
-Ohio Hands & Voices will charge $15 per mask, plus tax and shipping fee of $7 for up to five masks.
-All orders must be paid online.
-After masks are sewn, somehow (still to be determined) they will be delivered to our project coordinator, Sarah, in Central Ohio.
-Sarah will complete the orders and ship masks to our customers.
-IF there is enough interest, there may be regionally located shipping headquarters.
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