Support Musician's Network's Autonomy in Under the Couch at Georgia Tech
Musician's Network's freedom to operate within Under the Couch is currently in question. It is Musician's Network's belief that student involvement and student organization presence on campus is very important. The denial of autonomy and dignity for student organizations is not a single occurrence as in this case but a larger issue that concerns all student organizations on campus. Musician's Network would greatly appreciate your support so that arts, music, and student involvement can thrive at Georgia Tech. (More information about the current situation can be found on the Musician's Network at Under the Couch Facebook page.)
What is your name and/or the name of the student organization or other entity that you are representing? *
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What is your relation to Georgia Tech? *
Please share a positive experience that you've had thanks to Musician's Network. This can include equipment rental, events and shows at Under the Couch with audio work from Musician's Network, the use of our practice space, the unique feel of Under the Couch, or something else. Please include how it affected you or your organization particularly.
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Do you agree that Musician's Network should not need a student center employee in Under the Couch during every practice time, show, or event run by Musician's Network?
Do you agree that Musician's Network officers should be able to easily access Musician's Network equipment to allow other student organizations to easily rent audio equipment?
Do you agree that Musician's Network should be able to book all practice times and events within Under the Couch (where all of the equipment excluding the projectors and sound board belong to Musician's Network)? (This has been the procedure in the past but the student center now controls all reservations.)
Do you agree that Musician's Network should be able to split a portion of concert ticket sales for non-students with the student center rather than having to pay a lump sum before charging for tickets? (Concerts are always free for Tech students, and this would make it possible for Musician's Network to put on more concerts.)
Do you agree that Under the Couch should be a dedicated club space for Musician's Network as it has been in the past? (This would not affect daytime lounge hours, and Musician's Network would continue to work with other student organizations for events in the space.)
Please share an email where you can be contacted for future support of Musician's Network at Under the Couch.
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