Science National Honor Society Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Science National Honor Society. Your application and teacher recommendations will be how we evaluate whether or not earn acceptance into the Honor society. Existing members do not need to reapply, but all others MUST fully complete this application. Alongside completing this form, please request recommendations from TWO science teachers. Due to the current circumstances, you must email them, in a polite and courteous way, to ask for the recommendation. No teacher is required to submit a recommendation. This application is due June 17th, and teacher recommendation requests should be given NO LATER THAN May 15th, so teachers have ample time to complete the recommendation. (Teachers have been provided with a Google form to fill out on your behalf, but please let them know your homeroom section.)

SNHS Requirements for acceptance: You MUST maintain a B average or better in all science courses. You MUST be enrolled in a HONORS level science course prior to or during your junior year. You MUST be an active member in 2 science related clubs or activities outside of your classroom activities.
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Past Science Grades *
Keep each course, teacher, and grade on a separate line. (Course Name, Teacher: Grade) For this school year (2019-2020), Please only list the first 3 marking periods. NOTE: Only students who have taken or are taking an honors science class, during or before their Junior year, AND have received a grade of B or better in ALL of those science classes are eligible to apply.
Science-Related Activities/Clubs and Teacher In Charge (if applicable) *
(Required at least 2) Keep each club and teacher on a separate line. These activities need to have been completed during your time in high school. If the activity is out of school, please provide a one sentence description.
Science Teachers For Recommendation
***Both teacher recommendations must be from teachers you have had IN CLASS. Keep each teacher on a separate line.
Relevant Math/Science SAT/AP scores
Please keep your essays between 200 and 300 words. Thank you.
Please describe what science means to you; Why do you want to join Science National Honors Society? *
Please tell us how you actively participate in a science-related activity outside of the school classroom. *
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