Reimbursement/Check Request
Please use this form to request a reimbursement check for any out of pocket expenses, or to request a check to be sent to a vendor
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When? *
When was this purchase made (please use date on receipt or invoice)
How Much? *
The dollar amount paid out of pocket, or invoice amount to be paid
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Who To? *
Who will we make this check out to? Your name, or the vendor's name, if we're sending the check to them directly
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Who For? *
Please enter where purchase was made ( i.e. NOT the same as Who To): for example, Who To is "you" if you paid out of your pocket, but the Who For would be something like "Meijer" or "Lowe's". If the check is to be made out to a vendor for a product or service, then simply repeat what you entered for Who To.
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Mailing Address *
Where the check will be mailed. Vendor's address if for an invoice, or your's if out of pocket. If the check is to be made out to you and you don't want it mailed, but rather picked up at booster meeting for example, simply state that here as well
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What Show? *
What show or event was this expense/inove for?
What For? *
What expense category is this for (i.e. costumes, props, set, etc..)
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Anything else you want to add.. but you must at least provide a few details
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