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The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is evolving! Join us for three nights of karaoke throughout the month of May celebrating more than 10 years of rock opera. Nights 1 and 2 will culminate in karaoke-off with live band to crown final winners, though prizes will be awarded throughout. All events held at The Crown pink room.

Decide what evolution means to you, and come dressed to impress. Characters, costumes, props, dance moves and stunts are encouraged. Prizes will be creative. 

The two THEMED nights are THE PAST and THE FUTURE. You may choose ANY popular song that loosely fits that category and choose which night you'd like to enter. You should put together a performance that fits the theme of your night or includes a CHANGE or EVOLUTION during the song. Think outside the box go nuts! 

For example:
  • THE PAST: Billie Holiday's "Lover Man" in full night club attire 
  • THE PAST: Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode" dressed at Marty McFly
  • THE FUTURE: David Bowie's "Changes" dressed as a lizard and lizard backup dancers
  • THE FUTURE: Daft Punk's "One More Time" with a live keytar solo

May 4, 2023: Round 1, THE PAST
May 11, 2023: Round 2, THE FUTURE
May 24, 2023: Six winners from the previous rounds compete with a live house band that will learn your track for the final!

1. Pick a song that relates to the theme of the evening you'd like to sing (May 4 or May 11)
2. Sign up below with your real name, stage name and song selection.
3. Look for an email confirming your spot
4. Get your costume together and tell all your friends to buy tickets ahead of time (pink room).

Schedule for the evening:

8:00pm Doors

8:30 p.m Round 1

9:15 p.m.: BROS art intermission and performance

9:45 p.m: Round 2

10:30 pm: Karaoke Prizes/Awards on stage Ceremony

10:45-midnight: band

Additional Details:
  • You will not get a rehearsal on stage on the night of the show.
  • When your slot is confirmed we will share the karaoke version we intend to use.
  • On stage there will be two wireless mics, two mic stands, audio monitors so you can hear your music and your vocals, and a monitor showing the lyrics. If you need anything else for your performance you'll need to bring it yourself
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Submit a performance video if you're new to BROS. Drop a link here, or email production@baltimorerockopera.org, subject line: Evolution. 
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