MIIDA 2023 Enrolment 
Enrol for the 2023 season with Mount Isa Irish Dancing Association
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Student -  Date of Birth:

Student -  Age @ 1-1-2023:

Student -  Dance history prior to attending MIIDA:

PARENT/GUARDIAN - Contact Number
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I understand that all classes are $10 each and extra's will occur for competition classes  *

By Signing this form, I agree to the following: 

      ❑ I give permission for any images of my child taken at MIIDA classes, rehearsals, performances, competitions and/or events to be used for marketing purposes including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram. 

      ❑ I understand and accept that my child dances at his/her own risk and that MIIDA accept no liability for injury or loss to him/her under any circumstances.

      ❑ I acknowledge that a Costume Fee of $50 per child will be applied to my first invoice of the year.

      ❑ I acknowledge that MIIDA is a non-for-profit organisation and at times will be required to help fundraise to support both my child/ren and school. Fundraising supports MIIDA attend local and state level competitions. It allows us to cater for end of year parties, presents and End of Year Concerts. This fundraising also goes towards MIIDA costumes. 

      ❑ I agree to pay the fees and charges when due (within 2 weeks of first invoice) or arrange a payment plan with the MIIDA COMMITTEE upon initial invoice.

      ❑ I acknowledge to inform the MIIDA COMMITTEE in writing of any custody arrangements in place.

      ❑ I understand that my child is to arrive to class prompt and on time with correct clothing, bubble socks, dance shoes and water bottle.

      ❑ I agree to let staff know if there is any ongoing medical and/or long-term leave for my child throughout 2022.

      ❑ I acknowledge that TEAMS will be chosen on merit for selected individuals.

      ❑ I have read and accepted all the enrolment conditions outlined in this form to enrol my child in MIIDA

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