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Thank you for your interest in having your book carried by Parnassus Books. Prior to submitting, please read below for information on our requiremetns. Books that are not able to meet our requirements will not be considered for our inventory. Due to the volume of requests our inventory team receives we are not able to accomodate in-person or over the phone meetings regarding books for consideration.

Please DO NOT drop off or mail copies of your book to Parnassus for inventory consideration. Our inventory team does NOT accept inventory submissions via any channel except the form. Books mailed to or dropped off at Parnassus become the property of Parnassus and will NOT be returned.

To be eligible for consideration your book must:
*Be bound, with clear and legible title and author information on the cover and the spine. No books with stapled or spiral binding will be able to be considered.
*Have cover images of good quality. Images and text cannot be pixelated and all text must be legible.
*Have a valid ISBN and barcode
*Meet our sales terms: We require at least a 40% discount and free freight; all books must be fully returnable.

If we are unable to source your book through our main distributors, Ingram and Baker & Taylor, at our required terms please be aware that our alternative option is to source books through you, the author. As such, we require all authors who provide books to us to also provide invoices for prompt payment and record keeping. Parnassus is not responsible for creating invoices for books provided to us.

We are especially interested in books by Nashville/Tennessee authors, or books on Nashville history, travel, and interest. However, we will consider books on any subject, fiction or non-fiction.

You should expect to receive a response from a member of the inventory team after four to six weeks. Our response may be delayed between the holiday shopping season, from mid-November until early January. The decisions made by our inventory team are final.

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At what discount is the book available for purchase? Not sure what this means? Publishers should be able to help with this information. Parnassus sales terms require at least a 40% discount. *
Can you meet our standard purchase terms? 40% discount off list price, free freight, fully returnable.
Is the book's title and author(s) and illustrator (if relevant) included on the SPINE of the book in clear and legible writing? *
Does the book have stapled or spiral binding?
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Does the book have a Nashville or Tennessee connection? If so, please explain. If the book does not have a Nashville or Tennessee connection, please write, "The book does not have a Nashville or Tennessee connection."
How would the author and/or the publisher plan to promote the book's availability at Parnassus? Be as specific as possible.
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