Growing Deeper Invitation
We are inviting you to consider learning, practicing or doing some basic but great spiritual exercises during the year. There are 10 practices that we have selected and we encourage you to pick at least 4 of them. The purpose is to develop a deeper walk with the Lord in the context of a nurturing and encouraging community of spiritual friends. You can pick some that are familiar to you, as well as some that are more challenging so that you can “stretch your spiritual muscles.” Most of these exercises are to be done with a few other friends. The intention is to encourage a closer fellowship and bond between you and a few other brothers and sisters in Christ as you grow deeper in the Lord. No person is an island, and we need one another to last the spiritual journey. 

Once you have decided which exercise to practice, please fill up the form below. This will help us know how well this invitation has been received, or to make adjustments in the future. In the course of the year, we hope to encourage one another in different ways to keep going, but there will be no compulsion or pressure. We only hope to inspire and spur one another positively in the course of the year. Let’s see how many of us would be able to complete this invitation by the end of the year. Remember, there is no failure, except the failure to try! Conditions permitting, we look forward to a great celebration at the end of the year!
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