Henry L. Sneed Middle School Title 1 Fall Survey 2018
This survey is used to find out from parents what help they would like to support their children's learning.
A copy of the 2018-2019 Title 1 Plan is located in our front office. Parents are able to view the plan during school hours.
Do you know about the Title 1 plan at Sneed Middle School? *
Do you know how schools are selected for Title 1 services? *
Does the school provide opportunities for parents to give suggestions for school improvements? *
Does the school provide timely responses to parent suggestions and questions? *
Do you know if the school offers parent involvement activities and materials that assist parents in helping their children with school assignments? *
Does the school reach out to parents, communicate with parents, and work with parents as equal partners in the education of their children? *
Do you know if the school involves community organizations and businesses in parent involvement activities? *
Does the school respond to parents' suggestions by offering and designing appropriate parent involvement activities, conferences, announcements, etc.? *
Is the information given by the school easy to understand and in a language that parents use in the home? *
Do you participate in school activities? Check all that apply. *
What topics would you like to discuss or know more about? Check all that apply. *
Sneed is currently working to provide a Parent Resource Center for you. These would be free materials parents will be able to check out from our media center. What are materials that you would like to have available in the Parent Resource Center? Check all that apply. *
Can you think of anything that can be done at Sneed Middle School to help your family? *
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