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If you're coming to Battambang, we'd love you to share your skills and experience. What are you interested in?
Are you interested in one of our long term positions in Battambang?
You'll need to be with us for at least three months. Check out our "long term volunteering positions" page for more information.
Are you interested in one of our long term remote volunteering positions?
You'll need to be able to work with us for at least six months. Shoot us an email for more information.
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e.g. community groups, service organisations, charities etc. What did you do? Where? What was the name of the organisation?
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Two months in Battambang? Two hours a week remotely ongoing? Generally we'd like Battambang volunteers to be with us for at least three months. Remote volunteers generally take longer to get acquainted with the team and projects.
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