Register a Magnolia Cultivar
The Magnolia Society International serves as the International Cultivar Registration Authority for the Magnolia plant group and strives to be the leading source for information on all magnolia cultivars. Please note that the society is also the registration authority for the genus Liriodendron, another genus within the Magnoliaceae, the magnolia family.

Once a cultivar is accepted for registration, a description is written based on the information provided on the registration form, and that description will appear, along with others registered in that year, in an article in the Magnolia: The Journal of the Magnolia Society International. The registrar will put the description in a readable format based on the information provided on the form.

The Journal is published twice a year, and the registration article usually appears once each year. The process sometimes takes longer based on the current volume of cultivars under review, and the other content (articles) scheduled for journal publication. We will need high-resolution photos (300 dpi or greater) to publish with the description.

For more information, please contact Matthew Lobdell, our International Registrar of Magnolia Cultivars.
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Variety or subspecies
Cultivar epithet proposed for registration
Parentage (or name of parent, if sport)
Year first observed
Year first propagated
Number of years til flower after propagation
Did the plant retain vegetative/floral characteristics after propagation?
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Where did the cultivar originate?
Who was the originator (breeder, selector, and/or introducer if different)
Is the plant commercially available?
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In what year was the plant first offered commercially?
Where is the plant commercially available?
What is the expected hardiness zone range or temperature limits?
Has a description of this plant ever been published? If so please enter a citation
Is the plant patented? If so please enter PP#, date, and assignee
Has a trademark ever been claimed on the cultivar epithet or a similar epithet (i.e. trade name)? If so please indicate the epithet, trademark, and country in which recognized.
Please describe the plant. Include as much information as possible. Reference to the RHS Color Chart is desirable. The registrar has one which may be loaned out for this purpose. Include in the description information which can be used to distinguish the plant from related or similar cultivars.
Please provide any cultural information (notes on culture, propagation, soils, location, time of bloom, size of original tree, etc.)
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