Thank you for your interest in curating a drop on Diba! We greatly appreciate your decision to join our platform and we hope to honor your journey as a creator to the best of our abilities.

We are taking submissions to build our database and connections with artists to prepare for our launch in 2022. We are currently in closed Beta stage, meaning we are not currently open to the public nor actively minting art that will be instantly available for sale.


This form is to submit your interest in curating future drops on Diba's CURATED Marketplace.

There are two types of drops on our CURATED Marketplace — DIBA DROPS and COMMUNITY DROPS. Diba Drops are curated by our internal team and Community Drops are curated by you! We welcome art collectives, NFT community leaders, galleries, museums, artists and all interested individuals.

As a curator, you are free to bring in your network of artists and work. We will also share our database of available artists with you in case you would like to include them in your drop. Artists are not required to be NFT artists prior to this drop.


Because we are still in early stages, it may take some time to hear back from our team. Please do not let our unresponsiveness discourage you — we are constantly growing our platform and intend to support artists of all backgrounds at various stages of their journey.

*Your email is being collected to send you a copy of your submission and for our team to directly correspond with you. Your email will not be used for Diba marketing purposes.
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Please submit a link to your proposal of the drop you would like to curate with Diba. This proposal can be a word document (2 pages max), a powerpoint (5 slides max), or a video (3 minutes max). This link can be to a Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, or any viewable public link — please make sure this link is viewable to our team. If the link is not viewable, the submission will not be reviewed therefore dismissed from approval. Within the proposal, include the story behind the drop, how many artists and works you would like to include, and why you believe this is a good fit for Diba.
Please share one-word descriptions of your drop. You may include up to 5 total.
Examples: Video, 3D, Photography, Music, etc.
If comfortable, please share any social locations of your identity (gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, generation, and more).
Diba is committed to holding space for all communities, especially those that have been historically underrepresented, and will use this data to highlight artists on our platform. Examples: Women Artists, LGBTQIA+ Artist, Black Artist, Asian Artist, Gen Z Artist, etc. Include as many identities you wish to disclose.
By checking the box on this question, you confirm that none of the artwork you are submitting on Diba contains any infringing or unauthorized copyrighted material. *
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