Global education goes POP participants form
Topics of the Youth Exchange- sustainability, global education, active citizenship,
pop culture

Objectives- To raise awareness among young Europeans on interconnectivity existing among
people and countries and cultures across the globe;
- To examine concepts and issues surrounding popular culture and its linkages with
sustainability and global education on national and global level;
- To build active global citizenship skills of young Europeans in order to make them
active towards coping with the challenges in the global society;
- To foster civic and digital actions of youngsters towards sustainable future of the
communities in Europe and around the world

The personal information (data) collected on this form, is collected for the purpose of recruitment participants and monitoring and needs of the project. All information is treated in strict confidence and It will not release data to anyone who is unauthorised. Information you provided to us will be stored for the time period it is required to fulfill the project.All data about participants will be destroyed after t will no longer be needed for the project

In case of any questions, please contact us:
Paulius Email:; Phone: +37064296974
Solveiga Email:; Phone +37069021541
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