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This workshop will offer support and a safe space for you to think about the impact of Chronic UTI on your sense of yourself, your relationships with others and your relationship with your body.  It is likely to be especially helpful if you have noticed repeating patterns in these areas that you would like to understand more about. 

 If however you are at a stage in your illness where you are feeling completely overwhelmed and are struggling with finding any medical treatment that can offer you some relief, this may not be the moment to take this workshop. You need the space to be able to stand back and see the impact that this has had on you emotionally, and when it feels as though you are in the middle of a storm that is hard to do.  Please do however come back to us when things are more stable for you. This can and does happen! 

CUTI creates a range of mental health difficulties for women, from reactive distress, depression and anxiety to more serious mental health difficulties.  If you are struggling across all areas of your life, with finding the motivation to do anything at all, with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, are concerned about your ability to keep yourself safe, OR have recently experienced such difficulties (within the last 3 months ) you are likely to need some formal mental health support and this is not the time to take this workshop.  Your GP or primary care physician should be able to advise you about what is on offer in your area.  Please do go and ask for some support. And come back to us when things are more stable. 

We look forward to working with you and meeting you when the time is right, whether now or later on in your recovery.

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