Quiz: Stoichiometry Road Map
This quiz is based on the stoichiometry road map video and stoichiometry road map practice problem.
Can island hopping (the first diagram with only 1 mole island) be used to compare two different substances?
What does the stoichiometry road map allow you to do?
Do the 2 different mole islands on the stoichiometry road map have to be reactants and products?
How do you convert between moles of one chemical and moles of another chemical?
What are the coefficients?
How to use the Stoichiometry Road Map to Solve a Practice Problem
The following questions relate to the video "How to use the stoichiometry road map to solve a practice problem"
How do you know the mole ratio between two chemicals?
In the same equation of photosynthesis, what is the mole ratio of water to carbon dioxide?
When we're talking about 1 mole of a chemical, the masses on the periodic table are in _____________.
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