Rockville Public Library Quick Survey
Rockville Public Library is embarking on the strategic planning process. Surveys like this one will help us to determine our priorities for the next few years. Your feedback is much appreciated.
Which is your age group?
What is your zipcode?
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How often do you use the Rockville Public Library either in-person or online through our website?
What do you typically do when you visit The Rockville Public Library in-person? Choose all that apply.
Which statement best fits your interest in these events or activities at your library? (please check one per row)
Not interested
Could be interested
Definitely interested!
Learn something new (classes, author talks, and lectures)
Learn a new non-technical skill (languages, writing, investment)
Learn a technology skill (computer classes, coding)
Do a one-time project (arts & crafts or use a 3D printer)
Enjoy a film or musical performance
Exchange ideas with other community members (book groups, cookbook club, etc)
Enjoy an activity with family or friends (storytime, game day, other age appropriate activities)
Get help achieving a personal goal (health/fitness, meditation, parenting, resume/interviewing)
What is the best way for the Library to share information with you? Please select your top 2 choices.
Think of The Rockville Public Library today. If you could make improvements, how would you prioritize these areas? Rank with 1 being the highest priority.
Physical collections (books, audiobooks, DVDs)
Digital resources you can access online or on a device
Classes, lectures, events, and other activities for adults
Children’s activities and programming
Fax/scanning/digitization services
Do you feel satisfied by the materials, services, digital offerings, and programming currently provided at the Rockville Public Library? Choose one:
What kind of materials, services, digital offerings, or programs at the Rockville Public Library might make you feel more satisfied?
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If the library redesigned its space, which of the following things would you choose? Choose your top four.
Additional comments about the Rockville Public Library, its offerings, and its future.
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