Diagon Alley Debacle
An adventure in the Wizarding World
We invite you to

Please enjoy this Diagon Alley Debacle, an escape-room style activity.

Track clues with a quill and parchment (what muggles refer to as paper, pen and pencils.) Computers, smartphones and other muggle devices don’t work with Quick-Quotes Quills or wands.
This escape room is designed for teens and tweens aged 9-15.

While ALL are welcome to join in the fun, the littlest muggles and wizards might need help from older family and friends.

Sno-Isle Libraries is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion of everyone in ALL our communities, and we reflect that in our programming. The Sno-Isle Libraries Wizarding World is an inclusive, safe and welcoming space for ALL muggles and wizards. We extend a warm welcome to everyone of all backgrounds, ethnic groups, cultures, and genders.

People across the world have created a culture, community and shared ownership of the Harry Potter story and Wizarding World characters that exists independently from the author’s personal beliefs, and this culture embraces and celebrates the diverse identities of its members.
Play by yourself, with friends or family
Work as a Hogwarts House or compete against your friends and family. For a greater challenge, see who can solve all the puzzles first.

If you play with people who don’t live with you, practice social distancing by using your phone or a video chat app.

You can return to Diagon Alley as many times as you’d like until Jan. 3, 2021. We only ask that you have fun!
Ready to start?

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Type too small?

The technology charm to increase the text size on computer screens is:

Press Ctrl + simultaneously.

For the muggle-device known as a Mac, press Command + simultaneously.
Created by Sno-Isle Libraries staff
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This is a fan project with no affiliation to Scholastic Kids, Bloomsbury, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR, Universal Orlando Resort, and Harry Potter series creator J.K. Rowling. All the characters, lore, art, videos, and graphics used in the digital escape room belong to their respective copyright owners, and Sno-Isle Libraries does not claim any right over them. Photo credits are listed at the end of the room.
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