Apply to Join the Sovereignty Circle
I'm thrilled that you'd like to join the Sovereignty Circle!

The SC is here to help you understand what it is to live into you own sovereignty and tell your sovereign story.

Any place where we explore and tell our stories is a sacred space, and I take my job as gatekeeper very seriously.

This questionnaire is intended to help me ensure that all members will honor the code and spirit of our Circle. By completing and submitting it you are also saying YES to our Community Promise.

The SC Promise of Commitment, Compassion, and Confidentiality

- Show up... for yourself. The only way to strengthen your writing and your voice is to use it. Often.
- Show up... for your fellow sovereignty seekers. We become stronger individuals when we're part of a conscious, compassionate community. Please offer your attention to others in the Circle and trust they will offer the same.
- Sometimes you can't show up... and that is ok! All sessions will be recorded. We'd love to see you for at least 3 of our 6 monthly gatherings.
- Lead with kindness. Writing is often hard. Growth can be painful sometimes. Reflecting on the past can make the shadows loom large. We hold each other's efforts with tender care.
- Confidentiality. What's said in group calls or shared in drafts or in discussion is strictly confidential - until the writer hits "publish" and asks circle members to share it.
- Please understand that I'll lovingly refer to the SC as my unicorns. (You're ok with being called a unicorn, right?)

And, by filling out this application you are saying yes to a 3 month ($299) or a 6 month ($499) commitment to the group. We meet every Wednesday plus one or two Mondays per month. All calls are at 12 noon ET. We meet on Zoom.

The sovereignty seeker in me sees the sovereignty seeker in you,

Marisa Goudy

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Please submit a writing sample. Whether it's a blog post, a work-in-progress, or something you need to type from the pages of your journal, this is your first brave act as a Sovereign Writer. And it is NOT a test! I want to get to know you, not judge your grammar. Email it to me at (You can skip this step if we've worked together before.) *
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