Fall Bible Study-ENOUGH Campus Leadership
By filling out this form you are saying YES To leading an Enough Fall bible study at your campus. We are here to serve and honor you this Fall!

Community is such an incredible thing. We believe that heaven comes to earth when realize we're not alone. We Teach Joy is excited to continue it's mission of equipping Christian educators to be the light because frankly-we need each other now more than ever. We've had enough of educators not living out their call, schools crushing teachers joy, lack of wisdom in leadership and weak communities that don't hold us accountable to truth.

Join us for a study on Psalms 90-100. Please complete this form and let's go Teach Joy this Fall.
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Our hope is that we offer you a guide to enter into real heart work with saints in your city, school and district! This work is needed and we need you to lead like Jesus.
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