Frank F. Conlon Fellowship (2019-20)
The South Asia Center at the University of Washington announces the competition for the Frank F. Conlon Fellowship in South Asia Studies. We invite applications from graduate students in all disciplines who are engaged in the study of South Asia and who will be enrolled at the University of Washington during the 2019-20 academic year. The award will be based on academic merit and financial need.

Deadline: August 15, 2019

Please submit your academic transcripts (undergraduate and graduate) via email to
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Please submit your GRE, SAT, or other test scores used in your application to the university. All self-reported scores are subject to verification in the University's admissions system. Students enrolled in or applying to professional programs may use LSAT or GMAT scores rather than GRE scores. Ph.D. students who were not required to submit GRE scores to UW and all undergraduates are exempt from this requirement.
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1. What is your planned course of study or area of research pertaining to the target region for which you are applying? 2. How will receipt of this award contribute to your career goals? (1000 words)
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