We are looking for Game / Game Economy Designers
What skills should a game designer have?
• creativity
• playing experience with a lot of games (mostly MMORPGs)
• understanding different types of gamers, their needs and the way they work (Bartle taxonomy)
• ability to think outside the box and then sync those ideas to fit in the game
• minimal knowledge for Excel as we have all our data and game settings in xlsx files that game designers edit

What skills should a game economy designer have?
• good with numbers
• ability to oversee the whole game's balances
• experience at designing loot systems, designing the strength and settings of items and monsters, and forecasting the impact of new features on the game and its economy
• defining and maintaining the values of currencies (soft and hard) and preventing inflation
• understanding F2P monetization, boosting ARPDAU

This is a part time job and we provide weekly payments.
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