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Podcast Summary: Patrick Metzger, a former public school teacher and now professional business coach and keynote speaker, brings his real and relatable perspective in discussing with leaders the topics of business, leadership, high performance and owning the journey of life.

Podcast Objectives: The goal of the podcast is to expose listeners to the adversity, obstacles, challenges, influences, pivots and successes the guest has experienced along their journey toward success. These challenges may be personal, professional, family, etc. related.

We want the listener to feel extremely connected to the guest, inspired and motivated after listening to their open, honest and raw story of how they've really come to be. We encourage you as a guest to be as vulnerable and transparent as possible!

Podcast Outline: A typical show will introduce you, discuss briefly where you're currently at, go back in time through your journey and finishing up with your current on goings, next "big thing" and get the audience connected to you.

Please prepare for a fun and real experience and episode - just be yourself!

If you are going to be in studio, I look forward to sitting down with you personally.

If you are calling in for the episode, we will call you at the designated time, but here are the radio studio numbers in case you need them: 701-356-3057 - 701-356-5222

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: 701-412-1710  |

*Feel free to be brief in filling out this form, but please provide enough data so I know where and how to appropriately structure the conversation for the episode.
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