8th Grade Request for Waiver to Play JV
Article IV: Membership of Players, Coaches, and Officials:

Section 1: Membership as a Player in the NELAX shall be open to:
(A) Any boy or girl high school student who was enrolled in 9-12th grade or certified home school program in the immediate preceding semester, with the exception of students who are entering high school for the first time and have not competed or practiced with a high school team.
(B) Who is still enrolled in and has not yet matriculated from his or her school at the beginning of the season.
(C) Who pays his or her league dues and has turned in completely filled out required documents within the deadline implemented by the Board of Directors.
(D) Is a valid registered high school member of US Lacrosse, the governing body of lacrosse in America, and in good standing.

Section 2: An ineligible player is a player that does not meet all of the specifications of Player Membership outlined in Article IV, Section 1; is a player who is serving a suspension; has had his or her membership as a player revoked; or who at the beginning of the season has completed eight (ten for players who were allowed to play up while in eighth grade) semesters of school membership beginning with his or her initial enrollment in grade nine. Membership in any school or schools for thirty or more school days during a semester is considered a semester of school membership. The records of the school or schools in which the student was a member shall be used to determine the total number of days of school membership if disputed.

Section 3: Player Membership does not imply or guarantee any amount of playing time. Playing time shall be at the sole discretion of the head coach of that particular team.

A vote which must be approved by two-thirds of the NELAX Board of Directors to approve/deny this request will take place at least 30 days prior to the first game of the season.

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All 8th graders requesting a waiver to play high school JV lacrosse with any NELAX team must submit this form by 11:59 PM Thursday, February 1, 2019. *
Checking "Yes" indicates that I have carefully read the excerpt from the NELAX Bylaws and understand that filling out this form does not guarantee that an 8th grader be allowed to play up on a JV team. *
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Upon completion of this form: 8th graders requesting a waiver to play JV must have a signed letter from their board president or other designated representative, acknowledging the 8th grader who may be playing JV lacrosse on their high school club team. The signed letter must be mailed; on club directly to Nebraska High School Lacrosse Association Executive Board, P.O. Box 391232, Omaha, NE 68139. All letters must be postmarked by February 15, 2018. *
Please contact by email NELAX Secretary for information at nebraskalax@gmail.com informing them this form has been filled out and submitted
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