Zel Mentors
Zel an Entrepreneurship Development Program that will provide 20 Early Stage Entrepreneurs (ESE) a reliable work space at Impact Hub Port-au-Prince, business training with Katalyst Konbit, and a supportive network.
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Please select the stage(s) of startups you are qualified to mentor. Pre-Launch: These members have a business idea or a working prototype and are working to find product-market-fit. They are conducting market research and gathering product feedback with early beta users. Launch: These members are preparing to make their product (MVP) publicly available. They may be iterating on feedback from beta users/pilots and building out a marketing strategy as they prepare to launch. Early Growth: The product is publicly available and the company is starting to see some early traction. These members are establishing and tracking KPIs and may be working on growth strategy, retention strategy and fundraising. High Growth: These members are growing MoM (Month over Month) and may be exploring additional revenue streams, launching into new markets, and executing on feature requests. They may have raised funding and/or have graduated from an accelerator program.
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