CareerDevs CS University ( 2019)
The IntraCity Geeks / CareerDevs Academy run a daytime course and an evening course. Please indicate your preference of day or evening. The Academy runs for 12 months, and if you complete all of the work it is nearly impossible for you to not get into a great career job.

The total cost of CareerDevs is $30,000. All applicants are eligible to receive a grant for up to $20,400 - $24,000, making your cost just $300 - $400 per month. We will hold a Q&A/CareerDevs Open House several weeks before each new cohort begins. Also, in order to get into CareerDevs, each applicant must achieve 200 points on before the first day of class. We will provide you with a free code mentor if you want/need help.

The official CareerDevs application is listed below. Please ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. Leaving questions unanswered will reduce your chance of getting into the academy.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Arnell Milhouse, CEO - CareerDevs Computer Science Academy

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I understand that I must achieve 200 points on before the first day of class. I will create a new account and try my best to do so. If I get stuck, I understand that I will be able to get help from CareerDevs staff and/or students (yay!).
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Those who make less than $60,000 per year are eligible for a grant that covers $26,400 of the $30,000 cost of the program. Your cost will be just $300 per month instead of $2500 per month. If you make over $60,000 per month, your cost is $500 per month. If you need additional financial assistance, please indicate so below.
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A key to computer science is being persistent, patient and thinking logically.
The following questions will see how persistent, patient, and how much of a logical thinker you are. Are you ready
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