CareerDevs CS[21] Enrollment Application (2022) (ver v)
How should modern universities operate?  

1. First and foremost, colleges and universities should guarantee that, if you graduate, you will land a high-wage job!

2. Secondly, a university should NOT require four years to prepare you to get a high-wage job. Especially in tech-related fields.

3. Thirdly, every university should guarantee that if you graduate, you will land a job earn earning between $50,000 and $80,000

4. Fourthly, it should be against the law for universities to burden people with life-long compounding debt!  That is why CareerDevs is 100% FREE for EVERYONE.

Times-are-a-changing.  Apple, IBM, Google, eMoney Advisor, Virgin Pulse, and many more companies no longer require a 4-year college degree.  They do, however, require that you have the skills to get the job.  Some universities are living in the past, where degrees were required.

CareerDevs Computer Science Institute is different and unique.  We guarantee that you will land a job earning at least $50,000 per year.

Here is the great news!  Thanks to recent funding, investments and payments from companies that hire our students, CareerDevs is now COMPLETELY free for all students.

Yes, that is correct.

At CareerDevs, you can learn

1) Computer Programming  / Backend Software Development

2) Salesforce Software Administration.  

Both roles have starting salaries of around $50,000 - $75,000.  Software development is harder, but has a higher average starting salary ($75,000).  Salesforce is easier and has an average starting salary of $55,000.

How much does is cost to attend CareerDevs?

Again, CareerDevs is now FREE for EVERYONE.

100% Free - Zero Tuition - You Will Pay Nothing... EVER.

Hmmm... How does this work?  Recently, CareerDevs became the recipient of several sources of outside funding.  The combined funding from the various funders will cover the entire cost of ALL CareerDevs students.  (It does help that as a completely online school with live teachers, our costs are lower than most schools.)

Some of our funders are individual, some are corporate.  We are extremely honored to be the recipient of such great patrons.  If you are interested in a high paying career as a Software Engineer, Salesforce Administrator or Technical Support Representative, enroll today.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

What's next?

We will hold mandatory CareerDevs Orientation/Open House orientations before each new cohort begins.  


Also, to get into CareerDevs, each applicant must achieve 90 points on (just the "basic javascript" section) and complete a basic introduction to salesforce before the first day of class.  We will provide you with a mentor for FREE if you want/need help.  

FINALLY - The official CareerDevs application is listed below.  Please ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.  Leaving questions unanswered will reduce your chance of getting into CareerDevs.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Arnell Milhouse, CEO - CareerDevs

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A key to computer science is being persistent, patient and thinking logically.
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I will work towards getting 200 points on FreeCodeCamp *
 I understand that I must achieve 200 points on before the first day of class.  I will create a new account and try my best to do so.  If I get stuck, I understand that I will be able to get help from CareerDevs staff and/or students (yay!).
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