CS-Can Student Travel Award Applications
The CS-Can | Info-Can Student Travel Awards are designed to support students attending an event that is complementary to, but not a part of, their normal academic requirements for their degree. Preference will be given to students presenting in some form at the event, but awards may also be granted to students who are only attending the event.

WHAT CAN BE FUNDED: A successful applicant to the CS-Can Student Travel Award must be pursuing an activity complimentary to, but not a part of, their normal activities as a student. The travel award funding may be used to cover the costs of travel, accommodation or event registration.

Examples of acceptable funding applications include:
1. An undergraduate student travelling to attend the Canadian Undergraduate Computer Science Conference to present their honours thesis or USRA research work,
2. a PhD Student hosting a workshop about how to survive impostor syndrome in the competitive CS graduate school scene in Canada at the CS-Can Student Symposium, or,
3. a Masters student attending Can-CWiC.

WHAT CAN NOT BE FUNDED: A PhD or Masters student who is attending a conference to present their research work at a conference is not eligible for funding, because this is a normal part of their program for which funding is typically available.

ELIGIBILITY: A successful applicant must be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a computing field at a Canadian University. Successful applicants do not need to be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents. Preference may be given to a student who is travelling to a Canadian event, but international events may also be considered for partial support. A successful applicant must not receive funding for the portion of their costs covered by the CS-Can Student Travel Award from any other funding source. Proof of expenses may be required before the award amount is issued.

AWARD AMOUNT: CS-Can Student Travel Awards will normally be awarded for amounts between $500-$1000 CAD, but smaller requests will also be considered. The number and amount of awards given each year will be subject to available funding and subject to the number of applications. CS-Can and SPAC reserve the right to administer no awards in a given year if no applications are deemed worthy. Smaller funding requests are more likely to be approved. CS-Can and SPAC reserves the right to offer CS-Can Student Travel Awards whose value is less than the requested funding amount.

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