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Important: Please email the images of the pet to with the name of the pet as Subject.
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Bengaluru Opts to adopt project doesn't take responsibility to foster any case. Bengaluru Opts to adopt project doesn't sponsor any cases medical or maintaining charges unless a sponsor wishes to do so via this campaign. Bengaluru Opts to adopt project doesn't take in any case that is under courts trial Any owner surrender case has to have a surrendered letter from the original owners Any pedigree abandoned case must have 1 month of notifying the public through various platforms like lost and found / put in touch etc online sites before proceeding with rehabilitating the case. Bengaluru Opts to adopt will not be responsible for any adoption failure . Rehabilitate will have to arrange for recalling the case Bengaluru Opts to adopt will not be responsible or answerable to the original owners if they find the dog despite 1 month notification of lost and found . owners will have to take it up with the rehabilitate On the day of the drive the rehabilitate will be responsible to transport and monitor their cases Bengaluru Opts to adopt will not be responsible if any case escapes or runs away or gets into a fight on the day of the drive.All information provided to Bengaluru opts to adopt about the cases history , medical records and behavioural pattern must be at most accurate All information about the rehabilitates must be at most accurate Legitimate documents must be provided at the mentioned time and date to the Bengaluru Opts to Adopt team Post adoption check must be done by the rehabilitates 2nd round of adoption screening will be done by the Bengaluru Opts to adopt team. Who will share the feedback with the rehabilitate. However taking it forward or not will be completely rehabilitates choice and responsibility Adoption paper's is mandatory to be signed 1 weeks before cases will be dewormed vaccinated and groomed free of cost. Post getting this facility if the rehabilitate backs out from the adopt to adopt drive or does adoption without involving opt to adopt that he or she is bound to pay the money for de worming vaccination and grooming Cases and rehabilitate will get media coverage If the cases doesn't get adopted than that case will not be eligible for the adopting privileges but is eligible to be on boarded after a determined no.of drive.
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