Community Buzz Café on Race Equity
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About the Community Buzz Café on Race Equity
In collaboration with Healthy Richmond Partners and the City of Richmond's Race Equity Team's Resident Ambassadors, we present to you the Community Buzz Cafes on Race Equity (ZOOM).

These will be held on the 4th Tuesdays every month (ZOOM) from 6pm - 7pm. If there are any meeting changes, dates and times will be updated notified through email.

Facilitators will present the Racial Equity Action Plan which has four goals listed below. We want to talk with you all and hear your needed feedback on it.

1. City of Richmond employees understand and are committed to achieving racial equity.

2. Every city department is governed by the principle of "Community Ownership", fostering democratic participation and equity through community-driven decision 0making.

3. City of Richmond is a racially equitable employer and promotes racial equity in contracting and procurement.

4. Healthy Life Outcomes - Healthy life outcomes increased and racial disproportionalities eliminated for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).
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