Bursary Application for Students
Geneskool believes that our programs should be accessible to everyone. We offer bursaries to students who otherwise could not afford to attend our Summer Science Program. To be considered, please fill out this form

A need for a bursary in no way affects a student’s application for Geneskool. We will attempt to accommodate all requests, given our limited funds.

*Important note* There is no automatic save function in this form. We suggest writing the letters in a separate document before entering in the information into this form.

Please contact us (Evelyn Sun, esun@genomebc.ca) with any questions you may have about our bursary program.
Geneskool Participant Information
For student participant information
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Financial Information
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Letters of financial need and support
Please write a short letter explaining your financial situation and why you require a bursary for your child to attend the Geneskool Summer Science Program. Please outline any special circumstances that you wish to have taken into consideration. (max 500 words not including spaces) *
Please have your child write a short letter of support describing how Geneskool will benefit them. (max 500 words not including spaces) *
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