Attorney Source of Stress Survey
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Do you feel a more global sense of dissatisfaction with the law? E.g. It was not what I envisioned, I feel trapped by my decision and now have student loan debt. Or no, I feel a great sense of honor and pride in being able to advocate for others. Yes/No and explain: *
If you answered NO to the previous question, and you are satisfied with the practice of law, do you have any belief about what has helped you to feel such satisfaction? (Choose up to 3)
Do you believe the stresses presented in the legal profession are unreasonable to endure? *
No: these are common and we should find a way to cope
Yes: these stresses are too much and something about the legal profession needs to change.
Do you engage in rituals that help you manage these stressors? (Choose up to 4 favorites) *
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How to you make sure you have time/space to implement your stress management tools? (Choose up to 4) *
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