"Tour de Bosna" Student Interest Survey
The Student Parliament of International Burch University is considering organizing a project called "Tour de Bosna". Student visits to various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina that are important or otherwise major for any one of several reasons would be organized, with the intent to further acquaint our students with other areas of the country and provide an opportunity for our students to socialize with each other at minimal prices.

Therefore, we wish to gauge interest for this project through this survey.

Please take one minute and fill out this survey. The survey will stay open until Sunday, February 11 at midnight.

Are you interested in taking part in the "Tour de Bosna" project? *
Which of the following cities in / areas of B&H would you like to visit as a part of the "Tour de Bosna" project?
You may choose as many options as you like, but only the top ones will be chosen.
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