Test Module – 1
About our Company - July 25, 2020
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Please feel free to browse on various websites including, check with your team mates, department heads and provide the correct answers for the below queries.
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1. What are the businesses that Dealmoney group already into? *
2. What types of services offerings are provided by Dealmoney in the Broking Services (equity, commodity and currency)? *
3. Dealmoney Broking Services are regulated by: *
4. Dealmoney Insurance Sales Services are regulated by: *
5. Dealmoney provides its insurance sales services to its customers as a: *
6. Dealmoney’s Real Estate Broking services is regulated by: *
7. Methods to conduct ‘Know Your Client’ process and ‘Account Opening’ for new broking clients: *
8. Model of sales adopted by our company to sell Insurance Products: *
9. How many branches does our company presently operate across India: *
10. How many employees+ partners does our company present employ? *
11. What are the qualities that Dealmoney seeks when it is recruiting its manpower? *
12. How does Dealmoney want to make a difference to its customers? *
13. Who are the customers of Dealmoney? *
14. Why should customers choose Dealmoney? *
15. Cross sales is an opportunity to engage and gain more for every employee. *
16. Is ethical Sales a choice or an urgent need of the hour for building client relationships? *
17. Is Conflict of Interest with clients and company allowed by our Company? *
18. Is it possible to purchase Mutual Funds on our website *
19. Please provide three inputs of what you liked most on our website *
20. Please provide three inputs of what you Dis-liked most on our website
21. What is the Vision of “Dealmoney” group?
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Total Points: 18 – 1 per question correctly answered

Top Score Possible -18 Points

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18 or above – Perfect – Fantastic
15-17 – Excellent – Keep it up.
12-15 – Above Average – Great. Can better next time.
09-12 – Average – Need to learn to grow more.
8 or less than 8 – Poor – Basic understanding missing. Study and attempt once more in one week.

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