EB Miss Beautiful Pageant 2018
We need a lot of help to serve on Saturday, July 21 2018. The Miss Beautiful Pageant is a great way to show love and encouragement to our community. Below you will see a list of volunteer options. Please sign up for where you can help.

Here is the details involved for each role:

Buddy of the Day: This is a female volunteer who is there to be a friend and helping hand to a participant! They will be there from the time the participant arrives till the time the participant leaves at the end of the day. Their purpose is essentially to make sure that the girl is having fun, is taken care of, and that all her needs are met. As many volunteers has we have participants, 20 or more volunteers needed.

Make-Up Artist: 5 Volunteers Needed.

Hair Stylist: 5 Volunteers Needed

Manicurist: 5 Volunteers Needed

Rehearsal & Back Stage Crew: This can be male or female volunteers. This group will help the girls rehearse during the day as well as come up with a system to effectively get the girls to the stage on time when their name is called. 3 volunteers needed

Escort: These male volunteers will be there during the pageant to escourt each participant on stage. We typically like to have middle school through the young adult age. As many volunteers has we have participants, 20 or more volunteers needed.

Greeters: Male(s) or Female(s) who will greet attendees, pass out pageant programs, cheering squad and answer any questions. Lots of volunteers needed!

Merchandise: Male(s) or female(s) who will sell any t-shirts that have not been sold as attendees arrive. 2 volunteers needed

Sound/Lighting Technician: Male(s) or Female(s) who will follow lighting cues, music and play background video’s on the projector. 4 volunteers needed

Award Presenters: Male(s) or Female(s) that will organize the awards and present them to each participant as their name is called. 3 volunteers needed.

Judges: Male(s) or Female(s) who will watch the pageant and take notes based off of each girls personality. There will be a list of titles (one for each girl). There will be a brief 10 minute pause after the talent portion for the judges to meet and “deliberate” to choose which title they feel best fits each participant. 5 volunteers needed

Photographer: Does not need to be a professional. 4 volunteers needed

Videographer: This has never been able to have but would love to add this option to this year’s pageant if possible.

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