AGFC Predator Control Permit
This form collects information that will be used to generate an Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Predator Control Permit. If approved, the permit will be sent to the applicant by mail. Note: Permits will not be issued to an applicant with a past license revocation. Only the applicant listed on this permit is authorized to conduct predator control activities.
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What is your Customer Identification Number? If you do not currently know or have your AGFC Customer Identification Number you can visit to create an account by obtaining a free "CID" product and completing the checkout process. Upon checkout, you will be emailed a copy of your licenses with AGFC which will have your unique customer identification number (CID) included. *
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If you are not the owner, please provide the full name of the owner of the property
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I have a lease or other permission from the owner allowing me to hunt and/or trap wildlife on this property
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Please list any other wildlife species you are trying to help by using this permit?
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I understand that if my hunting license is suspended or revoked that I may not use a Predator Control Permit *
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