Gene Kuthy Award Application
Gene Kuthy was a consummate board member. He saw the need to create a statewide
organization serving the community economic development industry. He helped to form CEDAM in 1998 and became one of our original board members. He also served on a number of other boards, including Southwest Solutions and several other CDCs in Detroit. A retired Navy Reserve Captain, art lover and former head of the Financial Institutions Bureau, Gene could have chosen to spend his time in any number of places, but he chose us. He was a champion for the community economic development field – helping to create a voice for fair housing, “making banking more friendly” and lending credibility to our industry. He chose CEDAM and its mission as his cause, and CEDAM and its members benefited greatly because of that choice.

To honor Gene’s legacy, CEDAM is honoring a person who embodies Gene’s positive and unique attributes: fun, larger than life, generous, an incredible networker, a champion of a particular program and more.

Eligibility requirements: The nominee must be a current or former board member of a current CEDAM member.

Please complete the following application, being succinct. Gene was direct. We will appreciate applications that are the same.
Nominations due:
March 16, 2020 5:00 PM
Additional Rules :
The nonprofit for which the nominee serves must be a current CEDAM practitioner
member (CDAD members qualify only if they have a reciprocal membership with CEDAM)
● The board member nominee may not be staff of the organization
● CEDAM/CDAD board members are not eligible for the award
● Applications must be received by CEDAM by 5pm on March 16, 2020
● Incomplete or partial applications will not be accepted
● Award winner must be available to receive the award at the Developing Vibrant
Communities Conference Kuthy Award Luncheon in Detroit on August 6, 2020.
CEDAM staff, together with prior Kuthy Award winners, will review the applications and
present recommendations to the CEDAM board for final approval. CEDAM board/staff
members with a conflict of interest will not provide feedback on nominees.
$2,500 for the nonprofit in which the award winner serves, as well as a physical
memento for the award winner.
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Gene was a change agent. Please tell us about a tangible result the nominee has helped your organization achieve. (500 words or less) *
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While being an attorney and a banker, Gene also had an incredible sense of humor. Please explain how the nominee brings humor and fun into their everyday life. (500 words or less) *
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