Wakefield High School Student Technical Support Request Form
Please complete this form if you are a Wakefield student and you need technical support.

If you have a laptop issue that requires you to turn in your laptop for replacement or repair, please CLEAN YOUR LAPTOP, then wait for further instructions from Ms. Stokes-Beverley, Wakefield's Instructional Technology Coordinator.

NOTE: This form is for WAKEFIELD STUDENTS ONLY. Staff members needing technical assistance should email or call the Arlington Public Schools Service Support Center.
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Student Name (Last, First) *
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Grade Level *
Email address (Parent or Student) *
Device Asset Tag Number (The number on the blue sticker on the back of your computer) If you cannot read it, skip this question.
What is the issue with your laptop/what type of technical support do you need? Check all that apply. If your issue is not listed here, check Other and explain your issue in detail. *
Please read this carefully: Once you submit this form, please check the email address that you entered on this form for a response. You will receive a response within one school day. If you do not see a response, check your junk or spam folder. Responses are not sent after school hours, on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, school closures, or break periods (winter break, spring break). DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE TICKETS WITHIN 24 HOURS FOR THE SAME ISSUE. Once you've read this, type in the number 305 on the line below. *
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