Closing the Gap in 2020
As we approach the end of our 2017 Capital Campaign, the Capital Campaign Leadership Team and the Vestry are putting together the plans to close out the financing of that work. If you want a reminder of the Campaign and the work we did together as a church, the Capital Campaign site is online here:

So many parishioners gave generously to this campaign and we are profoundly grateful. We had some cost overages and some pledge attrition—both of which were anticipated and that we had always known we could roll into our financing from the Episcopal Church Building Fund. The Capital Campaign pledge attrition, though, increased from around 4.5% to over 9% during 2020—as the Coronavirus Pandemic impacted the ability of many SJE members to complete their pledges.

So, before the Vestry engages in the final financing of the remainder due on the Campaign (around $60,000 of the total campaign), we are going to give our members an opportunity to make a final extra gift to the Campaign. If you already gave to the Campaign, and completed your giving this year in 2020, we are inviting you to consider adding a fourth year (or half of a fourth year) on to your total amount. If you've joined our church since 2017, or if you for whatever reason were not yet a part of the Campaign, maybe you want to make a special one-time pledge to the campaign to be fulfilled by December 31, 2021. No matter what, any additional final pledges we receive will lower the amount we need to finance and will increase the resources we have available for ministry.

Members of the Vestry and Capital Campaign have already pledged $11,500 in total to the gap, lowering the amount we will need to finance down to $48,500.

We know that the Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted everyone’s finances in the parish differently—and that this is part of the reason our total financing gap is somewhat larger than anticipated. With this final gift able to be paid anytime by the end of 2021, we are hoping it will not be an added burden on anyone who chooses to add to their pledge. No matter what, any additional pledges we receive will lower the amount we need to finance and will increase the resources we have available for ministry. We’re hoping to receive notification of any extra gifts no later than Monday, August 24, so that the Vestry meeting that night can finalize plans for whatever financing remains to be done.

And, of course, if you feel you have already given what God has called you to give to this campaign, know that we are nothing but grateful. We can finance the entire remaining amount, as initially planned. We just didn't want to make that decision before first inviting you to be a part of shortening that gap.

Thank you for all the ways you support SJE. It is a gift to be in a church with people like you!

In Christ,
The Capital Campaign Leadership Team
Cathryn Marshall
Susan Morriss
Jill Wegner
and Fr. Jared. Cramer
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