Costume Problem Form 2018
Please note that we do not hem costumes. They are given extra long. Lycra material can just be cut to the desired length. It does not need to be hemmed for a performance. Be careful not to cut it too short.
Name of the Student *
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The Parent or guardian must fill out this form. I understand that all the information on this sheet must be accurate and the person filling out this form takes responsibility for any incorrect information.
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Please measure the student or bring the student to the office and enter the following measurements to assist us with more accurate sizing. *
Do not allow extra room and do not pull the measuring tape tight
BUST (CHEST if a boy)-If this is not filled in we cannot assist you *
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WAIST-If this is not filled in we cannot assist you *
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HIPS( place the tape over the largest part of the Buttocks)-If this is not filled in we cannot assist you *
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GIRTH-If this is not filled in we cannot assist you *
Ask the student to stand up straight. Place the tape at the shoulder and bring the tape down through the crotch and back up meeting at the shoulder to get the entire length of the body.
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Is the Costume too small in the body length? *
Is the costume too small in the Side Seams *
Do you prefer we exchange it for the next size up? *
I understand that length of sleeves, length of costume pants and length of costume shirt are not eligible for exchanges. These alterations must be made by the parent. See suggestions below.
Note: You may cut pants, but be careful not to cut them too short. Costume are usually lycra and they are sent extra long to be cut to the appropriate length for the student.
Do you prefer we add a crotch piece to just lengthen the body? *
Please note that you should not choose to exchange and to add a crotch piece.
If you have chosen to exchange an item, you should receive it back within 1 month of the recital or you must send an email to
The Conservatory of Music and Dance will not take any responsibility for a costume not received 1 month before a recital and no attempt to contact us through the email
If you are exchanging, I will be returning the costume to *
I understand that if my costume was ordered after the Early order deadline of Thanksgiving, there is a chance that exchanges may not be received in time for the dress rehearsal. *
It is always suggested that late costume orders request a crotch piece placed in.
I understand that an email(be sure your email in your customer portal is correct) will be sent to me when my costume is received and I must pick it up within 7 days from the studio I entered above. *
The present size of the costume is *
My costume is *
Describe what the problem with your costume is *
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I understand that a form must be filled out for each individual costume problem. *
Please do not enter multiple costume problems on this form.
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The costume Number and the name on the costume- If you this is located on the costume bag. If not leave this blank. *
This is very important to looking this up
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The Class Day and Time *
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The Teacher of the class *
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Is this costume for *
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