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Our school system receives $326,163 in federal money called "Title I, Part A" funds for Title I schools to engage parents and family members in their children's education. How effective has this money been in the following areas?
Least Effective
Somewhat effective
Rather effective
Most effective
Professional development for teachers and administrators teaching them how to engage families in their children's education.
Programs that reach parents and family members at home, in the community, and at school.
Distributing information about how best to engage all families in the education of their children.
Helping schools partner with community-based or other organizations or employers that support family engagement.
Other activities and strategies that are identified as needed from the Parent and Family engagement Policy.
Clear selection
Add your comments on which of the above is most important and other comments regarding the use of Title I money in meeting your needs as you help your child achieve his/her best.
What do you want teachers and staff to know about engaging families to improve student achievement in elementary school? Rate as to importance.
Not Important
Very Important
Valuing and using suggestions of parents when making decisions
Reaching out to, communicating with, and working with parents as equal partners
Implementing and coordinating parent engagement programs/activities/events
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Are you willing to take part in training school staff about how to best engage families?
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Please help the school develop professional learning activities for teachers, principals, other leaders, and other staff by writing your thoughts about how they can best engage parents and families:
What forms of communication do you prefer when it comes to information about your child's education. (Check all that apply.)
Communication with School
Communication with District
Pre-recorded/Robo call
Mass email
Notes/Written messages sent home with students
Text message
Posting on website
Social Media
Personal phone call from teacher
Please complete the table for the following questions:
Not Sure/Not Applicable
Communication with the school is provided, translated, or interpreted in a language I can understand.
The school offers meetings in different formats such as in person and online.
The school offers parent meetings at a convenient time of day/night.
Clear selection
When is the best time for you to attend a parent meeting?
What is the most likely reason you would not attend a family engagement event?
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What would improve your participation in family engagement events/activities at your child's school?
Which transition service would you like the school to offer to families? (Check all that apply.)
Which community-based organizations or businesses should your school work with to provide services to your child (i.e. PTA/PTO, United Way, business donations, work-based field trips)?
Have you been provided the following information?
I would like additional information on this topic.
Georgia Milestones Assessments
Other assessments used to evaluate my child's performance and progress
Alternate assessments for students with special needs
State Academic Standards
Explanation of the curriculum or what my child is learning in class
How to help my child with math
How to contact my child(ren)'s teacher/school
How to access my child's grades
Study and homework tips (Parent Cafe', Title I Newsletter, teacher newsletter...)
How to use technology to help my child
Meeting where I am informed on y child's academic progress compared to others in the classroom and where given ideas on remediation or enrichment of educational objectives
Information about the harms of copyright
How to help my child with reading skills
The "Title I, Part A" program
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What should the school/teachers do to support you in helping your child(ren) achieve academically?
Please answer the following questions
My school asked me for feedback on the school parent and family engagement plan.
The school makes the school parent and family engagement plan available to the local community.
The school updates, at least annually, the parent and family engagement plan to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.
If the Title I Schoolwide Plan is not satisfactory to parents, the school submits any parent comments to the district's Title I office.
If requested by parents, the school addresses opportunities for regular meetings.
The school explains what a School-Parent Compact is and how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibilit for improved student academic achievement.
I feel like I have had an opportunity to provide feedback about and participate in decision-making about my child's education.
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The following is a list of family engagement activities that have previously been provided. Please rate:
Did not participate
Not helpful
Somewhat helpful
Very Helpful
Annual Title I Meeting
Fall PAC
Volunteer Orientation
Learning Styles Meeting
4th Grade WIN Parent Meeting
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17. We appreciate your participation in this survey. We look forward to reviewing your feedback and using it to improve the quality of our school-family partnerships. Please add any additional comments, suggestions or questions below. If you do have a question, please include your contact information.
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