Depression scale

Indicate which answer best describes how much you have experienced each symptom over the last week.
    1. Sad or depressed mood
    2. Feeling guilty
    3. Irritable mood
    4. Less interest or pleasure in usual activities
    5. Withdraw from or avoid people
    6. Find it harder than usual to do things
    7. See myself as worthless
    8. Trouble concentrating
    9. Difficulty making decisions
    10. Suicidal thoughts
    11. Recurrent thoughts of death
    12. Spend time thinking about a suicide plan
    13. Low self-esteem
    14. See the future as hopeless
    15. Self-critical thoughts
    16. Tiredness or loss of energy
    17. Significant weight loss or decrease in appetite (do not include weight loss from a diet plan)
    18. Change in sleep pattern-difficulty sleeping or sleeping more or less than usual
    19. Decreased sexual desire
    20. Tearfulness
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