Application Form - RYLA - District 9800
To apply for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award for 2019, please fill out the following questions and submit. This form will allow you to edit your answers after submission.
Program Dates:
-Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th December 2019
- If you have been in contact with a Rotary Club, there is provision in the application to detail this information. If you have not been in contact with any Rotary Club, your application will go into the ‘pool’ of applicants and you will be shared with a potential sponsor Rotary Club. Once the Rotary Club agrees to sponsor you, we will complete this information for you. In either case, you will then be contacted by your sponsoring Rotary Club for follow-up or potentially an interview. Most Rotary Clubs will expect you to visit a meeting before and/or after the RYLA program.
-Please note that Rotary District 9800 includes much of Metropolitan Melbourne and Central Victoria. Please see this map of clubs in our district:
Preparation for the camp:
- After your application has been accepted, we will keep in touch to provide you with all relevant details in the lead up to the program. We aim to make the camp a new and exciting venture for you, and as such we will be keeping much of the program a mystery until you arrive. This may challenge you, as it has challenged many past participants, but we know from experience that it is necessary for a successful camp and adds to your experience.
- Rotary District 9800 respects your privacy, and any personal information gathered as part of the application process will be stored securely. Rotary District 9800 will not provide your details to any other parties without your prior consent. Any personal information requested on this form is for the sole purpose of program planning and ensuring your safety and well-being.
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