Nov. Seattle Farm Co-op Group Buy Order Form. Closes Nov. 12th. Pickup Nov. 18th.
The Seattle Farm Co Op will be working as a group buying club as a stop gap measure while we negotiate for new physical location with community partners in Rainier Beach. The Board is currently determining the best steps forward for our Co-op's long-term success. In the interim we would like to offer our Members the opportunity to participate in bulk-buys.

The way that this works is that the member (you) orders via this form. We will host 2 pickups a month from one of our 3 locations for your convenience. Once you place your order an electronic invoice will be sent to you and your pick up instructions will be given to you based on the location you selected. All orders need to be prepaid. The Co Op will place an order with our suppliers for exactly what's been purchased so please plan ahead. Pickup locations are in North Seattle, West Seattle, and Africatown.

The Seattle Farm Co Op has partnered with Africatown Grow to be located at 3100 S Alaska St Seattle, WA 98108. We will have staff at Africatown on the 1st SATURDAY of the month and the 3rd SUNDAY of the month during our regular hours of 10AM to 4PM. N. and W. Seattle sites will continue to be self served. The Co Op will communicate via email regarding product availability & all timing aspects of pickup and drop locations once we process your order.

To purchase with the Co Op you MUST be a member. If you don't know your member number email us,, and will find it for you. If you're not a member but still want to shop with us, thank you & please email us. We'll get you the membership form & get it taken care of. Just like before with the retail store, feed prices are subject to change. Most of the time this is pennies on the dollar. Any change in the quoted price will be on the invoice emailed to you.

If you're looking for something and it's not listed please email us at and we will see if we can get it for you. Stay tuned for another Hay and straw bulk order, likely in December.

We are hopeful that a buying club and a urban farming community educating group is a sustainable model leading us to grow over winter.

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The Seattle Farm Co-op is member-owned and operated. We are over 900 members strong and growing every day. A lifetime membership with the Seattle Farm Co-op is $50.
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Limited Quantity Bulk Bagged
We might sell out of some of the items. Orders will be 1st come 1st serve. If we sell out you will be notified with the option to have a full bag. most bags are 35-50 lb. bags
Quantity 1
Quantity 2
Quantity 3
Quantity 4
Quantity 5
Diatomaceous Earth 5lbs $10
kelp meal 10lb bag $29
oyster shell 5lb bag $5.50
Layer grit 5lb bag $5.50
Organic Scratch 10lb bag $15
Organic Modesto Products, 50# bags unless noted otherwise
Quantity of bags 1
Quantity of bags 2
Quantity of bags 3
Quantity of bags 4
Quantity of bags 5
Soy Free Layer Crumbles $43
Corn-Soy Free Layer Pellets $43
Goat Dairy 50#  $41
Rabbit Pellets 50#  $42
Starter / grower 50# $43
Sunflower Seeds 25# $43
Starter Turkey /Quail $44
Duck Pellets $40
CONWAY: Organic Layer Pellets, 50#, $36 each
Scratch and Peck
Quantity 1
Quantity 2
Quantity 3
Quantity 4
Quantity 5
3 Grain Chicken Scratch 25 lb $20.25
 3 Grain Chicken Scratch 40lb $29.18
Layer 16% NO SOY or CORN  - 40lbs   $32
Corn and Soy Free Grower 25 lb $25
Corn and Soy Free Grower 40 lb  $32
Corn and Soy Free Starter 40lb $33
Cracked Corn 40# $33
Cracked Yellow Peas 40# $38
Whole Grain Oats 40# $32
Soy Free Scratch 'N corn 25# $17
Soy Free Scratch 'N Corn 40# $25
Cluckin' Good Grubs 20 oz bag $14.50
Gem White Wood Shavings 3.25 cubic feet $14
Special Order Item Request
Please enter any special order items that you have previously purchased from the Coop. We will attempt to fill all possible orders that are requested.
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