Haney Hayes Promotions 30 Day Reader Challenge - Reviewers Wanted
Haney Hayes Promotions is now taking signs up for reviewers that would like to participate in our first 30 Day Reader Challenge. If all goes well, this will not be our last.

So far it’s shaping up to be a blast!

You can read and review as many as your little heart desires. For each book review link, we will add an entry to the hat for a $20 dollar Amazon Gift card. So the more you read and the more places you review in the more plays you get.

**** Once the event is set up, Reviewers will be contacted by private invitation.
Important Notice
We love readers, so please invite your Friends! If you can not post to Amazon please state, so long as you can post to at least Goodreads you may be a reader.
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Review Release and Disclamier Agreement *
By clicking Submit you agree to the following statement. Once I’ve received the Mobi or PDF from HHP, I will I agree to review by the last day of the Calendar month in which I received the book. I understand I can only pick one book at at time and if for some reason didn't like the book I've read and would not like to post a review, I will message HHP ASAP and we can discuss the next step.
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