Freelance Toon Boom Animator Application Form

This form is used ONLY to apply for the position of Freelance Toon Boom Harmony Animator. Please do not his apply for other positions on this form.

JAM Media | Freelance Toon Boom Animator

JAM Media are looking for experienced Toon Boom Animator to work on an exciting Development Project.

Your core role will be to work closely with the Art team and be able to animate their models/characters.

Required Skills / Experience:

At least 2 years’ experience as a 2D Animator
Strong experience and proficiency working with Toon Boom Harmony
Option to work in-house (Dublin) or remotely
Start date: 4th January 2018
End date: Friday 16th of March 2018

Please note JAM may require applicants to complete a short test to assess suitability.

Freelance only.

Please complete every field.

If the position you are applying for does not warrant a Showreel or Portfolio please put N/A in that field.