Submission Form - GH
This is the form you need to fill in for submitting your ideas to Green Hackathon. Take note of the following:

1. We are reminding you about the things you need to fill in this form.
Details have to be filled in about
a) Your team and school
b) The innovation you have designed and all details regarding its development
c) One video describing your idea and its working, to be uploaded in the end of this form.
d) One Selfie of your team to be uploaded in the end of the form
2. You cannot save a draft for this form. Keep all details ready before you fill in the form. The form may take about 20 minutes for you to complete.
3. It is advisable for all team members to fill this form together .

Email address *
Your Contact Number (any 1 team member) *
You are building/Designing *
School Name *
Team Name *
Team Member Name 1, Class *
Team Member Name 2, Class *
Team Member Name 3, Class *
Name of Teacher Mentor *
Contact Number of the Teacher mentor *
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