Strength of the Tides
To our deckhands, captains, processors, tenders,

The number of women participating in the maritime industry is growing every season. We are your crew, your captains, your tenders, your processors. We are also your partners, your daughters, your sisters, your friends. It is our passion and an honor to work alongside you to harvest and share the wild abundance of the ocean. To the many of you who have already committed to making room, in a respectful and dignified way for us in the industry, thank you.

However, to ignore the dangerous rhetoric and abusive action of sexism within our own communities is to turn a blind eye to the unnecessary suffering many women experience on the commercial fishing grounds or in any maritime industries. Today, it is important to hold ourselves and the fleet accountable. In order to combat these truths, folks of all backgrounds working on the water must consider and take the following pledge.

We promise:

o to work towards an industry that is free of sexual assault and understanding of consent
o to practice zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence
o to intervene in situations of harassment
o to educate ourselves, our sons, and our daughters on issues of sexism in our unique workplace
o to refrain from sexist and disrespectful language against women and to speak up against it
o to actively empower women crew and to look for the professional potential in women fishermen
o to teach, promote, and pay women crew in the same manner as their peers
o to honor women's/fisherwomen's bodies with respect, dignity, and privacy; and to provide a safe place to work (including holding any of those crew or employees for whom you are responsible to these standards as well)
o to be open to dialogue about all maritime industry workers and fishermen/fisherwomen's concerns and needs

Please take the pledge with us. This list of signatures is meant to be a resource for women in the industry, providing them with a resource of whom, and whom has not, considered the above promises. As the population of women on the water grows, it is our hope that this will allow all people in the industry to know which boats, captains, and crews will work alongside them in a respectful environment. This one page document will not protect any individual; it is up to industry individuals to step up to that commitment, and we hope you’ll join us. Please email with any comments & questions.
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