WELCOME! We sincerely thank you for taking the time to participate in Verbal Courage's™ Thrive survey!

Insights from this survey will be used to create exercises, workbooks, and webinar/workshop content to help us rise to our greatest level of professional potential as a community.

Please allow yourself time to finish the 96 question survey in one sitting as it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

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Chelsea Szabo, ACC & The THRIVE Team

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I identify as a woman thriving in my career
I have equal opportunity to thrive in my role as my male colleagues
My current company retains its most valuable employees
I want more from my job than just a paycheck
I am actively looking for a job outside of my current organization
My current career path is one I've purposely chosen vs. pursued out of feelings of obligation or shoulds
I can confidently initiate difficult conversations at work
At my current company, women in leadership roles serve as mentors and advisors to women in junior-level positions to help them succeed
In order to thrive professionally, I must use male traits that are unnatural to me
My internal negative chatter (inner critic) holds me back from thriving in my career
I focus on making progress vs. achieving perfection
In order to thrive at work, I need to hide parts of my personal identity.
What can a company offer you (outside of money) that would enhance your overall satisfaction as an employee at that company?
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