Hello! Do you like fancy lads acting silly? Do you like gay subtext? Do you like scathing, hilarious satire of the Victorian aristocracy? Well then do I have the play for you!

The Importance of Being Earnest is a 1895 play by the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, also known as the author of the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is a comedy about a bunch of Victorian aristocrats who are all lying to each other, and their desperate attempts to keep their lies from coming to bite them.

Current plan is to do auditions over the next couple of weeks, then rehearsal for about a month or so, and to put on a few performances over the course of a weekend in a few different timeslots, subject to availability. You will be expected to show up one to three times a week for rehearsals lasting approximately three hours.

Performances will be AUDIO ONLY, with live sound effects and music! All rehearsals and the final performance will be done over discord. Since the performances are audio only and nobody can see your eyes, there will be NO LINE MEMORIZATION REQUIRED (though if you want to memorize your lines, go fuckin ham dude)

The full script of the play is in the public domain and available via Project Gutenberg:

Content warning for some old-timey ableist language!

For auditions, you will be expected to prepare to read a "side" -- basically a short monologue. The sides are provided here:

Prepare the side for the character you are most interested in playing by finding it in the play and reading its context. Preferably, read the whole play! Practice reading it aloud to yourself. Record yourself reading it and listen back, even.

If there is not a side listed for the character you are interested in playing, that's because they don't get a monologue of sufficient length in the play, so just choose another side you're interested in. I will still consider you for your first choice character before I consider you for the character you read for.

FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES: Hello! For this production, we are going to need graphic designers (for promotional materials), sound designers and live sound techs, and assistant stage managers! If you have any skills related to these fields, let me know!

If you found this via someone boosting it rather than by following me, you may be curious who is organizing this! My name is Cass (they/them), and I'm a video game developer, musician, and theater student. I'm located on the east coast of the US, so keep that in mind for timezone reasons.
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