Apply for Unite UW EFS 2019
* EFS Facilitator application due 8/18 (We prioritize submissions before 6/14)
* EFS Participant application due 8/22

Unite UW is an on-campus cross-cultural exchange program under UW's Division of Student Life. We provide an inviting and judgement-free environment for domestic and international students to connect to each other and to UW. Through Unite UW, many huskies have found their best friends and a home-like community. We hope you do too!

Unite UW EFS quarter runs every year with 4-week commitment. For EFS, we will carefully select 100 participants to meet & mingle through a series of cultural/leadership bonding activities (see schedule below), including a 2-night retreat at Pack Forest. Please fill out the application THOUGHTFULLY. If you see yourself as a leader, you can also apply for the FACILITATOR position.

Unite UW will select 16 facilitators to lead a small group of 6-8 participants each. We are looking for someone who is compassionate, responsible, open-minded, and committed to the mission of Unite UW. Time commitment include: planned program activities, training, plus self-initiated weekly group meet-ups outside of program. Facilitators receive a small stipend upon satisfactory evaluation result with demonstrated time commitment.

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What is your status at UW (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student, transfer junior, etc.)? *
Are you an international student, domestic student, or exchange student? Which country or which area are you from? (e.g. "Domestic, Leavenworth, WA" OR "exchange, Tokyo, Japan") *
We require every participant to attend a 2-night retreat that is critical for team bonding. We leave early evening of Friday, 8/30 and return early afternoon of Sunday 9/1. Will you be able to make it? *
Tell us about yourself and what motivates you to apply for Unite UW? *
Describe your own culture, and/or share a time where you have experienced "cultural shock". (Note: At Unite UW, focus more on culture in terms of individuality instead of nationality. For example, different regions of India could have very different cultural significance. Even within the same region of India, different individuals have unique family traditions.) *
In your opinion, what does it take to make new close friends and finding a new close-knit community at UW? How would you describe your own strengths and weaknesses in interpersonal relationships? *
List all your other time commitments in EFS 2019 quarter, including courses, planned trips, work hours, etc. Explain potential time conflicts with Unite UW EFS '19 schedule below.
Potential Time Conflicts / Commitment:
How did you hear about Unite UW? (If your friend referred you, write down their name.) *
(Optional) We don't want to miss any strong candidates who might not prefer writing as the best way to show who they are. So if you would like to, please send a short video to, with your name in the video title.
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(Facilitator Only) Describe a past experience when you were responsible for initiating and facilitating a small group activity? What was the best part and what was the most challenging part?
(Facilitator Only) Aside from language, what would you consider to be the biggest barriers that keep people with different cultural backgrounds (e.g. domestic and international students) from connecting with one another?
(Facilitator Only) What resources, channels or networks can you utilize to promote Unite UW?
(Facilitator Only) If you are not selected as a facilitator, will you consider to be a participant?
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