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Please fill out this form if you would like to request a commission from me (Kaz, she/they)! Filling it out does not guarantee you a slot, it adds you to my waitlist. When I have a spot open, I will contact you at the email provided to confirm details. After that I will send an invoice via Square, and I will begin once the invoice has been paid.

I will send thumbnails or a wip to approve if you ask for them on this form. Turnaround can vary based on my schedule, but should not take longer than a month, and is usually around 2 weeks. If you have any questions, or would like a progress update, my email is kayzowl@proton.me, please feel free to send me a message!

by filling out this form, you are agreeing to my ToS, so please make sure you have read through it! https://kayzowl.carrd.co/#tos

My current commission queue can be found on my notion page.
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prices are approximate. more samples can be found on my portfolio or my carrd.
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Please include the number of characters (maximum of 2), specify if you would like black and white or flat color or fully shaded, and include anything that would be extra, such as a background or complicated props. Describe what style you like, if you're looking for a specific mood or color scheme, or a pose you have in mind.

example: I would like a flat-colored fullbody of my DnD character Wralarys, who is a bronze dragonborn cleric, with her giant hammer looking fierce and ready for action. She is lawful evil, so she should be intimidating, with sharp spikes around her face.

Please provide one link that I can use as reference! It can be a toyhou.se, a character sheet or image you've uploaded to social media, a moodboard, an MS Paint scribble, 3D mockup, anything posted somewhere I can access it (tumblr, twitter, imgur, postimg, catbox, etc). Please do not send me private google drive links. I can work with a written description only, but I would strongly prefer at least some type of visual reference!
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